Digigrow business analysts come from diverse business consulting backgrounds. We’ve worked with ideating start-ups and established, industry-leading multinationals. We can undertake a complete analysis of your organisation, or focus on a specific function or process, in both cases highlighting areas of growth, opportunity and risk.

Affordable, on-demand Business Analysts section

Why use BAaaS?
  • Is a full-time business analyst excessive to your requirements? Digigrow’s Business Analyst as Service can help your business on a flexible and affordable basis. We can assist with data analysis, report generation, sales forecasting, and business strategy planning and review.
How we can help your business
  • By gaining a deep understanding of your business, Digigrow can advise on and implement digital transformation strategies that will improve organisational and operational efficiencies, leaving you with more time to focus on growth.
Digital Strategy
  • Do you have a digital strategy? Is it aligned with your business objectives? Chances are, like most small and medium-sized businesses, you don’t know the answers to these questions. Digigrow can help you by identifying your digital strategy shortcomings and thendeveloping a digital strategy action plan that will facilitate measurable improvement

Working with Digigrow BAaaS

Understand your Business Needs

We work with you to understand your business needs from an everyday operational perspective. What’s that one weekly task you leave until the last minute? Is there a bottleneck in your process that slows everything down? We’ll help you identify these issues.

Analyse and Plan

Next, we analyse all gathered data and create a plan that details the solution, scope, timelines and milestones to be achieved.

Put the Plan into Action

The implementation phase is when the plan goes live and you start to see the tangible improvements in the project focus area.

Analyse, Report and Adjust

Ongoing analysis and reporting ensures the project is always on track and is adjusted accordingly to ensure milestones are always achieved.

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BAaaS Pricing

Competitive, flexible pricing to suit your business


  • Outsource a particular function depending on your function
  • Reports, Dashboard creation, Documentation, Specifications
€400 / Month


  • Outsourcing of particular business functions or processes
  • Review and streamlining of internal processes
  • Quarterly meetings to review business operations
€800 / Month


  • Outsourcing of particular business functions or processes
  • Complete review of business processes, finances and overall strategy
  • Quarterly meetings to review business operations & growth
€1,200 / Month
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