GDPR Consultancy

Becoming and staying compliant should be something that allows your business to grow and to thrive. GDPR has allowed businesses to really examine their internal processes, what data they are holding and how this data is being used. Our perspective is that this represents an optimum opportunity to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and to ensure complete end to end transparency of your business operations.

  • Full data flow auditing and compliance analysis
  • Development and implementation of compliance plan
  • Data protection officer (DPO) or consultants as a service
Business Analysis

Business Analysis as a Service

Every business should have an overall strategy which acts as the roadmap for achieving growth in the short, medium and long term future. Our focus is to work with you to develop such a strategy which will streamline your internal operations and optimise your company’s profit and loss performance. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to integrate this plan in to the every day operation of your business, realising your growth ambitions.

  • Business operation and Profit & Loss analysis
  • Short, medium and long term strategy development
  • Implementation of strategy and project management
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Marketing is something which is easy to attempt but difficult succeed at. Our perspective is that marketing should be a quantified approach to grow your business regardless of the company’s size, budget, or targets. We will analyse your current situation, establish a detailed marketing campaign with tangible results and outputs, execute this plan, and continuously improve its performance.

  • Strategic marketing plan development
  • End to end marketing plan execution
  • Continuous analysis, quantification & improvement.


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We help businesses grow every day using the power of web and cloud integration, and we have a very simple model to achieve this. We call it Centralised Cloud Operation

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